First Rough Rush alpha of 2018!!!

So a lot of time has passed since we first posted Rough Rush on Quite a lot of improvements have been implemented in the game. Although it is not as much as we would like. We changed the way we work. Our programmer, Janis, had to move to my place for us to finally get together and work more tightly. We also set up our small studio/office by redesigning a sauna, yeah, you read that right, it’s in a sauna. So
perhaps Rough Rush is going to be the first ever game developed in a sauna! :D From here we started streaming on Twitch.
Right now we took a little break, but soon we’ll start again with a vengeance! :D We stream our development and we play
games from other indies. We share the screens of two computers and usually compete between ourselves, so if you want some two guys to
have fun with your game - let us know!
I will not bother you with the whole list of improvements, but I will mention that the game has become visually more
appealing and we hope - impressive. We also worked on the user feedback and the game should be more enjoyable to use, too.
Also in-game prices for cars and add-ons right now aren’t completely balanced, but the stuff in the game is much cheaper, so it should be more
exciting and easy to acquire. Therefore be sure to check the latest release, it should be a lot of fun and let us know if you want to know
more details about the game. Our Twitch channel is:
And, if I managed to keep your interest until here, you might be interested in joining our discord:
We aren’t rushing to build the community on Discord large quickly, and it’s not super active, but we will be more than happy to share details
about our game and to check your stuff.
And for those who care about the security, here are sha256 sums of our new release.


unpackroughrush.tar 249 MB
Jan 19, 2018
install-rough-rush-alpha.exe 195 MB
Jan 19, 2018
rough-rush-alpha.dmg 273 MB
Jan 19, 2018

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