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Freyja: The Wild Cats

It has been forever that the trolls and ice giants are trying to kidnap Freyja and make her their lover... The goddess of war and love is tired of sitting and waiting for another attack. Freyja and the wild cats will go to battle and make their enemies feel her wrath! Guide Freyja's spear in her hand and help her prevail!


  • Navigation: arrow keys;
  • Fire: F.

Future versions will include:

  • Boss fights
  • Power-ups
  • More levels

A beautiful shoot'em up being made using Godot engine for a local game jam in Latvia called "Stop talking, start doing". This is our first attempt at a Godot game and so far it has been a fun journey. Freyja is still in development and you can follow the process here:


If you are interested in other games from the game jam, you can find them here: 



FreyjaTheWildCats_Linux_29_03_2018_1.tar.gz 123 MB
FreyjaTheWildCats_Mac_29_03_2018_1.zip 140 MB
FreyjaTheWildCats_Win_29_03_2018_1.zip 124 MB

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