A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Click on the words the social media influencers spread to build the story for your newspaper.  This is not the most accurate news source, but it's the most trusted one, because influencers are always honest and on point.

Shorter words give more points, because readers don't have time to read long words.


QN-1.zip 10 MB
QN-Windows-1.zip 9 MB


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Looks like a very interesting idea, I’m leaving this to remember to check it out back home :D 

The 3 hour jam idea or the game idea?

Well, both actually :D 

Btw. here in Poland, we change the clocks twice a year (winter and summer time) and some guys came up with an idea of  game jam that lasts 0 hours (cause it starts at 2pm and ends at 2pm after clock change) :D

Haha! That's twice a year occasion! :D