A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The theme of trijam 27 is "Game without any visuals", so we did our best to have as little visuals as possible (the theme could be interpreted many different ways). 

The goal is to try to spell out words that Little Thunder pronounces. Some are tricky, so you have to be ready to "lose it".

There are a total of 99 different words. Can you get them all?

You will hear "ah very good, when it's right" and will get laughed at when it's wrong.

Wait for the field to be cleared before you can hear the next word.

At the end, the text field will disappear.

If you need "cheat codes" at some point, let us know!


AakoladeWindows.zip 12 MB
AakoladeLinux.zip 14 MB
AskoladeMac.zip 15 MB

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